About Us

Our Products - Volta Tech builds and sells a range of custom computers for all price ranges and tasks. Our best selling refurbished rigs combine used and brand new parts for a cheap yet capable computer. All our computers consist of an aesthetically pleasing case, the computer processing parts, and a Volta Tech business sticker with our phone number and email if you ever need to get in contact with us.

Our Vision - Volta Tech’s vision is to provide a range of technology-based products to meet New Zealanders' needs while also being a business that internationally helps and supports people in need.

Our Mission - Volta Tech’s mission is to be the first choice for everything computer and technology-related in New Zealand with positive reviews.


Ryan Clark
Founder, CEO

"Hi, I'm Ryan. I am the founder and CEO of Volta Tech. Volta Tech was formed on the basis of three of my passions. Computers, business, and helping those in need.

My love for computers started from a young age; when I was 12 years old, I built my first computer, ever since then I have been constantly learning and studying these machines inside and out.

My love for business also began at an early age; from selling lemonade on the side of the road to going door to door selling chocolates, I have always had a business-orientated mind.

Helping those in need is a big thing that sets us apart from our competition. When I heard about the schools in Cambodia and how the classrooms have no computer or technology resources to learn from, I knew we could make a difference. That's why we've decided to donate 5% of our profits to go towards resources and equipment for schools in Cambodia.

I am excited about the future of Volta Tech and for what's yet to come!


Josiah Clark
PC Technician

"Hi, I'm Josiah. I am a PC technician at Volta Tech. I have always loved technology, and from a young age, just opening electronics and simply pulling things apart. Volta Tech is the perfect job for me to do exactly what I love. I love spending time with the team and the overall work environment here; it's just great.

I think it's so cool how Volta Tech donates 5% of their profits to Cambodia and are the only PC business that does this.

I have learnt so much through my time at Volta Tech and am excited to be a part of the business and watch it grow. 


John Cagaoan
PC Technician

Hi, my name is John. Before I started working at Volta Tech, I’ve always loved and had an interest in gaming; ever since I started working at Volta Tech, that is where my love for building and gaming on PCs began. There’s just something about building PCs that is kind of cathartic in a way; I can focus on the PC and building it to the best quality I can. Volta Tech has taught me not only how to build PCs and all the knowledge that comes with them, but to also work in a team and understand the system and structure of these machines.
Overall, I just love working at Volta Tech, from the workplace environment to the 5% profit they donate to Cambodia. I am very grateful and blessed for the opportunity to work here. I know the rest of the team and I will continue to build the PCs to the best of our ability.